Juice Rules

Our juice recipes were created to provide maximum nutrition.  We believe that a diet rich in live, whole ingredients provides the body with benefits unmatched by any supplement available.  We carefully selected the ingredients from the most nutritious food sources on the planet and then created our exotic flavors.  Our recipes are based on food combinations that work together to address very specific goals - from boosting energy levels to brightening the complexion to attacking inflammation. Our blends of fresh fruit and vegetable nectars are such a valuable addition to your long-term health and wellness regime.  


  1. Our juice is fresh pressed and live which means it has not been heated or pasteurized.  To ensure safety, it MUST remain chilled at all times.  We recommend a temperature of 4 degrees Celsius or lower at all times.
  2. Our juice has NO preserving agents or additives so it has a much shorter shelf live than any store bought juice or smoothie.  The juice is packed with live enzymes which have a 5 day shelf which means that when your 3 day supply comes you must start your cleanse on the very next day.  To make it easy for you, we have indicated on your “quick facts” sheet the MADE ON date and the BEST BEFORE date to abide by.
  3. Your juices are numbered 1-6.  There will be 3 of each number (6 juices for each of 3 days).  This is the order in which you should consume your juice each day - start each morning with a juice 1, and finish each day with a juice 6.  You should begin your cleanse day 1 with a juice 1, first thing in the morning.  Continue drinking the chronologically numbered juices every 2-2.5 hours throughout the day.