About RRC

Our little Canadian company makes really healthy juice. We love the simplicity of what we do.  There are no complicated processes– we extract whole, live nutrition and bottle it.  We believe nature’s way is always the best way and Raw Raw Cleanse is a collaborative effort to make the healthiest juice possible and use it to nourish bodies across Canada through our gentle cleanse program.  

We are so lucky to have worked with leading holistic nutrition expert RHN Lorrie Ingram to develop a very specific ingredient list and a cleanse program that works with your body by providing nutrition – not depleting it. 

Here’s the hitch - our juice had to taste exceptional.  And so we established the link to Fink. 

We took our recipes to Paul Finkelstein, one of Canada’s most creative and exciting chefs.  Food Network host and entrepreneur, Paul worked with us to create our unique line of juices infused with exotic spices and fresh herbs, 100% clean, invigorating and completely delicious.  

Raw Raw Cleanse is dedicated to wellness, great tasting juice and the benefits of consuming live, whole-food ingredients.  We are committed to building a brand that makes our families proud, that benefits our community and is guided by nature as we continue to learn and grow. 

Let’s hear it for live juice.  Raw Raw!