RAW RAW Intense

3 days  |  6 juices per day

Our RAW RAW Intense is designed to give your insides a serious break with it’s high concentration of alkaline balancing green juice/ingredients.  Our Intense program should be used by experienced cleansers for up to 3 days of flooding the body with beneficial blends of citrus as well as green chlorophyll-rich tonics.  We have eliminated most of the ingredients containing natural sugar making it a much more challenging program to stick to. We recommend working your way up to RAW RAW Intense but it can be a good choice for individuals that stick to a very clean diet low in processed foods and un-natural stimulants. .
With our 3 day program you receive one delivery of juice that maintains flavor and nutritional value for the entire cleanse period.

The Menu
You receive 6 x 473 mls bottles of juice per day with a combined caloric intake of between 1170-1210/day. The juices should be consumed in a specific order, starting with juice No.1 for breakfast followed by a juice every 2-2.5 hours.  We suggest following our order for best results.  
The order of consumption is:

  1. Clean Greens
  2. Clean Greens
  3. Spicey Citrus
  4. Clean Greens
  5. Clean Greens
  6. Maple Almond Milk