1 day  |  6 juices per day

Raw Raw Boost is a 1 day program that allows you to ‘test the waters’ for a day, enzymes are able to travel into the bloodstream and intestines, where they work at breaking down of juice cleansing.  We can do anything for one day and you will be amazed at how easy it is and how fantastic you feel.  Trust us, the Boost is usually a gateway to our 3-day Raw Raw Cleanse program.  It is also an excellent choice for super-clean eaters and elite athletes as the benefits of a one-day cleanse, once a week/bi-weekly are incredible! This cleanse method has been used for years in South America and the Far East for a quick energy boost, to strengthen the immune system, sharpen mental clarity, and give the body a jolt to encourage optimum performance.  Every body needs a rest and we encourage our 1 day Boost for individuals serious about maintenance.  When we halt solid food intake, even old waste matter and address damaged cells. The one day Boost is addictive – and motivating.  

With our 1 day cleanse you receive one delivery of juice that maintains flavor and nutritional value for the following 3 days offering flexibility with your start date.

The Menu

You receive 6 x 473 mls bottles of juice with a combined caloric intake of between 1390-1420/day. The juices should be consumed in a specific order, starting with juice No.1 for breakfast followed by a juice every 2-2.5 hours.  We suggest following our order for best results as we have designed a regime that provides natural energy boosts at specific times of day when we most need it.  
The order of consumption is:

  1. Clean Greens
  2. Ginger Berry            
  3. Cool Melon
  4. Spicy Citrus
  5. Clean Greens
  6. Maple Almond Milk