Before and After RAW RAW


The less extreme the change in diet is the easier it is for your body to adjust so eat and drink “clean”.  Gradually cut back on processed foods, refined sugar and flour, alcohol, caffeine and salt the during week prior to your RAW RAW delivery (simply put, start weaning yourself off of as many unnatural foods/liquids as you can).

Sleep is especially important prior to any change in diet, no matter how gentle or short term the change.  The body has a lot of important work to do and you want to be at your best mentally and physically so if you can get a few extra zzzz’s your body will reward you.

Most important, be positive and look forward to the experience.  Welcome the change from your regular routine.  The juices and blends will be fresh and full of flavor – so savor the experience.  Be proud of yourself for making the commitment.


You can continue building on your RAW RAW experience by limiting unnatural, processed food and stimulants for the first few days following your delivery. We suggest you try to eat a diet high in whole foods with lots of fresh fruits and vegetables because when meals are high in supportive nutrients and are easy to digest, your body has a much easier time transitioning from the liquid back to solid food.

Some people like to end with a colonic and believe that this helps to rid the body of any toxins that have been released but that perhaps have not yet passed.  This is something that you should discuss with your doctor or a certified health professional.  Every body is different and you may want to consult RHN, Lorrie Ingram about this or other options ( for follow up.